Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challah makes the world go round!

This past Friday night, we had my in-laws over for a belated Father's Day dinner. Well, being that it was Shabbat, it was fitting we would have them over. My husband grew up in a home where every Friday night, his parents lit candles (Look here for what this means!), and I'm happy to say we try to continue this tradition whenever we can. Traditionally, one would make a Challah for Shabbat, so I figured, hey, I have nothing better to do after work on a Thursday night (after all, it is a 2-4 hour process...).

All I did was take this recipe from my early blogging days and made the following changes:
  • Instead of dividing the finished dough into 2, I divided it into 3.
  • I started making ropes in the palms of my hands and then braided away.
  • When I finished braiding, I went ahead and simply made a round shape by pulling one side of the braided dough to meet the other end.

  • Next, let the dough rise for another 1-2 hours, until it almost doubles in shape again.
Now, I baked the Challah for 27 minutes at 375 degrees, and honestly, I think it would have been done at 22-24 minutes as mine was a little bit tougher than I like (the flavor was there, though!).

Make this for your next Shabbat dinner!

The facts are the same as the other Challah I made, so here you go!
Recipe Serves 16 people
Amount per Serving
Calories 61 Total Fat 2.61g Saturated Fat 0.48g Monounsaturated Fat 1.25g Polyunsaturated Fat 0.75g Cholesterol 39.94mg Sodium 61.53mg Potassium 8.75mg Total Carbohydrate 7.02g Dietary Fiber 0.38g Sugars 0.86g Protein 1.82g

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